Awakening The Musician
In Every Child

A community-based, dedicated, reliable organization
committed to developing long-lasting partnerships

Customized programs that take into account
each school's specific requirements

Highly experienced educators who are
acclaimed professional musicians

Proven results and competitive prices

Music Wizards offers New York City public schools students comprehensive music programs taught by professional New York City musicians/educators. Programs focus on a hands-on approach. Students familiarize themselves with Music Technology, learn to play an instrument, or sing in a chorus. Students learn how to read music, sharpen their ear, and develop an appreciation for music and the performing arts. They are stimulated by a variety of musical examples taken from different styles, cultures and eras (classical music, traditional music from different countries, jazz, pop etc…). They are encouraged to make connections between music and other disciplines, as well as develop effective practicing strategies that they can transfer to other subjects. Programs are available from grades 2 to 8 and are informed by the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Music. Music Wizards has a contract number.
463 4th Avenue, Suite 2R, Brooklyn, NY 11215